setting the pace

We are the ONLY swim cap manufacturer in South Africa.

Providing high-quality, customized swimming caps
and swimming accessories countrywide.


Pacer Swimwear is a proudly South African owned and run company, right here in the midlands of Kwa-Zulu Natal. It is also honoured to be a foundation for women in business. Our biggest manufacturing advantage is that we make caps in-house and are the only company to do so throughout the country, allowing us to offer our customers competitive pricing.

Pacer Swimwear can help you keep your swimming head in the game at the drop of a hat!


Pacer Swimwear supply schools, clubs and open water events with our various swimming caps. As an essential asset of your swimming performance, and a necessary part of your swimming gear, a good quality swimming cap is the right investment for you. Choose from our unbranded or branded designs for a customized look. Not only are we the only swimming cap manufacturers in the whole of South Africa, but we print on site to guarantee a faster turnaround time than our imported competitors, at competitive prices.

plain caps

Classic favourite

Our silicone caps are available in a wide variety of colour options – including neon and metallic choices. Customization is available. Brand your cap today!

customized caps

brand your cap

Customize your swim squad’s caps! Feature your logos and designs in a wide selection of available colours on high-quality silicone swim caps on either a double or one-sided print.

multi-colour caps

stand out

These funky silicone swimming caps are made in a variety of colour combinations and can be customized. Including some fun cartoon caps for the kids!


Whether you are a competitive swimmer practicing your strokes in the open water, or a suburban swimmer freestyling laps in an indoor pool, goggles are an essential eyewear necessary for you to see where you are going. Not only do they let you see underwater, but they also protect your eyes from saltwater and chlorine irritants.


Take a look at our accessories range for competitive and social swimming at wholesale prices.

training Fins

Swimming fins are for swimmers what training shoes are for runners. The Pacer Swimwear accessory range includes tools for achieving your greatest swimming goals!

hand paddles, kickboards, nose & ear plugs, wetbags and towels

Pacer Swimwear has a wide range of swim accessories. We offer the highest quality products at affordable prices. Contact our team to

approved agents

We are the KZN approved agents for Aquasphere and Michael Phelps

Order from us today!

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