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Whether you are a competitive swimmer practicing your strokes in the open water, or a suburban swimmer freestyling laps in an indoor pool, goggles are an essential eyewear necessary for you to see where you are going. Not only do they let you see underwater, but they also protect your eyes from saltwater and chlorine irritants. As silicone is the most durable material to use in creating swimming gear, it is not only used for our swimming caps but our goggles as well. To know if you have found the best suited eyewear for your face shape, it helps to try seal the goggles to your face without the strap to test the suction. It is a good idea to keep in mind that they should not be leaving massive red seals around your eyes or hurtful indentations.

Our goggle range includes:

  • Junior Goggles
  • Endurance Goggles
  • Turbo Goggles
  • Turbo Metalised Goggles
  • Turbo Optical Goggles

And for the tadpoles:

  • Penguin Goggles
  • Guppie Goggles

Pacer Swimwear offer a versatile range of goggles that fit most people’s faces, and are readily adjustable for those eager to dive right in. We also offer numerous colours in each range so that you can colour coordinate to match your team!

Goggles are a no-brainer when it comes to freestyling, butterfly, backstroke or even your version of crawl - with Pacer Swimwear, we help you set the pace.

endurance goggles

turbo goggles

junior goggles

guppie goggles

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