Plain Swimming caps

Schools, clubs, open water


Pacer Swimwear supply schools, clubs and pen water events with our various swimming caps. As an essential asset of your swimming performance, and a necessary part of your swimming gear, a good quality swimming cap is the right investment for you. Choose from our unbranded or branded designs for a customised look. Not only are we the only swimming cap manufacturers in the whole of South Africa, but we print on site to guarantee a faster turnaround time than our imported competitors.

At Pacer Swimwear, we make our caps with non-toxic silicone that is odourless and free of allergens. The caps are 100% silicone which gives them a soft and comfortable texture that is easy to stretch to fit. Their durability are perfect for racing, training and fitness with excellent comfort and style.

We offer the following in our Plain Cap Range:

Normal size caps – for everyday, every occasion use. They are durable and come in a variety of vibrant colours to choose from

Long hair caps – We offer caps for long hair or extensions that reduces tangling or saturation.

Lycra caps – Lycra swim caps are also available for those who like the advantage of the added protection against harmful UV rays. ​

pacer colour chart

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